Let it told that sports have evolved from the days of the cave men.Yes you read it right,the cavemen even though am not diverse on the history about cavemen i have strong reasons to believe it to be true. Everywhere in the world right now there is a sport event going on.the sport industry tends to bring everyone together regardless of tribe,race,color,shape,physical features, i could go on but you get the picture.Everywhere people gather around to celebrate the sport world.To get the blood pumping, muscles build up,the intensity grows the heart beat accelerate, the adrenaline rush feels inside your veins rushing through like a drug the momentum builds up the eyes close,listen to the heart beat,the distant roar that builds up in volume,and then………………..booooooom the big roar is heard in the planet earth let the whole space universe knows.The earth trembles because of the roar,the adrenaline surge is running and feel the power of sport world.


From the days of the Roman empire the sport world have grown especially in the fist to fist games such as kung fu,boxing,kick boxing,sword contest etc.

Aside from history i want to concentrate on big sport entertainment house that has grown to become the big boss in this industry.It is the WWE network. This power house has grown with various superstars gracing the ring.Big names have come up throughout the years.


The big name to grace the ring are the likes of Ric Flair,Stonecold Steve Austin,The undertaker,John Cena,The Rock Dwayne Johnson,Hulk Hogan and the new generation of supperstars the likes of Seth Rollins,AJ Styles,Roman Reigns,THE USOS etc.

The wwe has had a good year so far with big events like the wrestle mania,TLC,Money in the bank contract,stomping grounds and the latest of all the super summer slam.

Since the beginning of this month of August there came the season everyone has been waiting for the English premier league.

Football is know to bring all the activities to a hold like when the whole planet converge to watch cheer their teams when its the world cup seasons.The TV ratings around the globe are high during the season of world.The last world cup was held in 2018 and the next will be held in 2022 in Qatar.Who take the golden cup home? lets wait and see.

The English premier league is on after the transfer window was closed,major signings were witnessed like the one of Eden Hazard from Chelsea to Real Madrid,Lukaku going to the Italian side, Lampard become the coach of his former team.Though all this signings were made some of this team have suffered and started at a rough patch.

Lets hold our breaths and see what will turn out who will take it this season of 2019/20

So much is happening in the sporting world.Lets hold our breaths pause our roar but most of all let the feel of adrenaline flow in us let it pump and pound our hearts lets feel the thrill of the SPORTING WORLD.


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I one humble person who gets wild at getting crazy but fun and informative ideas.I love gaming and technology, traveling anything to do with sports,movies industry and nature itself its very informative and tranquility you can find it there

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